Cherish every single sat



There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin.

The gloriously indifferent and unimpeachable production schedule for all 21 million Bitcoin from the very first coin to the last was set in unchangeable code at the moment of its creation, on 3rd January 2009. As of October 2022, some 19 million coins have been ‘mined’, with the last fragments of the last coin due to be mined some time in 2140.

Either Bitcoin will fail, or it will consume all currencies, all other significant stores of value. There is no middle ground. Throughout history, the hardest money ALWAYS wins. And nothing is harder than Bitcoin.  At some point, therefore, the value of any and every asset will be expressed as what portion of 21 million that asset represents.

Cherish every Satoshi, stack while you still can.

Aluminium key ring stamped letter by letter with the infinity symbol; a slash; and the numeral 21 M, shorthand for ‘Everything divided by 21 million’.

Bad Boating Club logo on rear.

Tag was cut and hand-stamped in the UK. The position of the lettering is deliberately uneven and the scratches and marks are proof of human work.