STACK HODL key ring


This is the way



There may be the odd time when finances permit you to smash buy (an expression meaning revved up and impulsively buying an amount of Bitcoin, often after listening to a Jack Mallers interview), but most of us quietly and methodically buy small amounts of Bitcoin as and when we can.

Since every Bitcoin is divided into 100,000,000 smaller units called Satoshis, this is known as stacking sats.¬†And once you’ve got your growing stack of sats, you don’t get cute trying to trade, to buy low sell high, or get interest on your sats through staking them on some Defi platform, oh no. You do not do that because that is the most reliable way to lose everything. Instead, you just HODL. Holding on for dear life, stacking some more, hodling some more. And so on. Did you research the fundamentals while you were down the rabbit hole? Are you convinced by the basic premise and believe that Bitcoin stands a good chance of succeeding? No? Then sell it. Yes? Stack. HODL. And step away from the computer and go spend time with people you love.

Aluminium key ring stamped letter by letter with the words STACK HODL. Bad Boating Club logo on rear.

Tag was cut and hand-stamped by a pleb in a shed in the UK. The position of the lettering is deliberately uneven and the scratches and marks are proof of human work.