Because we really are, Jonathan



It is a truism that whenever you discover Bitcoin, you think you are too late. Whether in 2010, in 2017 or in 2021. That last one was me, clinging on as the fiat price of Bitcoin raced up to its ATH (all time high)  and gritting my teeth as it slithered all the way down to its current position – but nonetheless still stacking all the way down.

You draw breath and you do the work. Down the rabbit hole you go, reading the books and blogs, listening to the podcasts, playing Devil’s advocate, learning far more than is comfortable about our current financial system and following often savage debates on Bitcoin Twitter. After 100s of hours of absorbing the product of some of the finest minds on this planet (and sifting out the idiots), you have gained a small understanding of the hope that Bitcoin offers for a fair and honest society, of dignity and autonomy for every human anywhere on this planet that yearns to control the fruits of their own labour, and the fundamentals of what Bitcoin represents become tightly woven into your values.

At some point you cashed out your shitcoin ponzis and left them to those that still want to gamble for fiat and are still hoping to catch the wave of pump before the dump: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, you moved up a level. You haven’t missed the boat, we are still at the very beginning of this, fiat price will be affected by fiat storms. You realise, in fact, that we are still so early.

Aluminium key ring stamped letter by letter with the words STILL SO EARLY. Bad Boating Club logo on rear.

Tag was cut and hand-stamped by a pleb in a shed in the UK. The position of the lettering is deliberately uneven and the scratches and marks are proof of human work.