TOXIC MAXI key ring


With understanding, comes maximalism



We’re all just a girl standing in front of a boy, watching the purchasing power of the money we worked for be diluted by political clowns and banksters with their grasping and wantonly irresponsible monetary policies. Regular people are being forced into increasingly risky financial behaviours, running flat out along a cliff edge while just trying to stand still.

The lure of centralised cryptocurrencies has proven devastating to many. For every lucky fool who rode the pump of a shitcoin and got rich quick, there are thousands of others who followed hopefully, only to find that their role was to provide the exit liquidity for the management team cowboys & insiders to line their nests with solid gold.

And there are only so many times you can see fellow humans lose money – sometimes their life savings, their retirement pot, their homes – on crypto projects run by unscrupulous scammers or opportunists in order to make a few (million) quick bucks, before you get pretty adamant that Bitcoin is the only actual cryptocurrency & that anything else is a high-risk gambling token, or security at best.*

The Bitcoiners shouting warnings to everyone about the dangers of cryptocurrencies were vilified by the shitcoiners as ‘toxic maximalists’. The insult was enthusiastically seized and adopted by many Bitcoiners as a badge of pride (same with ‘pyschopath’, but that’s another story).

Aluminium key ring stamped letter by letter with TOXIC MAXI and the skull & crossbones symbol.

Bad Boating Club logo on rear.

Tag was cut and hand-stamped in the UK. The position of the lettering is deliberately uneven and the scratches and marks are proof of human work.



* Is Bitcoin risk-free? No. Nothing is. Go learn about how it is decentralised, unstoppable, immutable and not run by a small management team dressed in Hello Kitty tee-shirts and then decide for yourself whether you’d like to own some.