Shipping, Refund and Returns Policy

Ships to UK only – unless you are desperate


Ships to UK for a flat fee of BTC 0.0001 (currently about £2.50), free shipping for orders over BTC 0.001 (currently about £25). Wen moon I will drop prices accordingly.

If you live somewhere else in this glorious world but are yearning for genuine Bad Boating Club merch – perhaps as suitably rugged gifts for the attendees of your next Bitcoin event or meetup? – get in touch and I’ll pull together a quote. It will involve customs forms in triplicate (yes, really) and a bit of faff so probably only worth it if you’re ordering multiple items, but the thought of global expansion warms the cockles of my heart so I’m open to seeing if I can make it work.


I don’t exchange or refund. In the unlikely event that a) your package doesn’t arrive, I’ll send you another one free of charge; or b) it does arrive but you hate it, no need to return the offending item, just let me know and I’ll make a donation for the amount you spent to Looking Glass Education, an organisation that offers free, Bitcoin-based financial education around the world.

Need help?

Contact us at overboard @ (minus the spaces).